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This list includes CD compilations that feature Devo or Mark Mothersbaugh's soundtrack work.
Item info listed in this order: TITLE - (CATALOG #) - COLLECTOR INFO - COUNTRY OF ORIGIN
All items made in the USA unless noted otherwise

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Discovery Records Promo Sampler - (pro-70009) - w/ That’s What He Said
PUNK Warner Bros. Comp 2xCD - w/ Whip It
Enigma Sound & Vision Vol.1 - w/ Whip It live
Enigma Tunemaster - w/ Post Post Modern Man
In Play Disc 3 Discovery System - w/ Post Post Modern Man and dumb intro/outro
Infinite Zero promo 1
Infinite Zero promo 2
Infinite Zero promo Almanac Vol. 5 - w/ The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
Infinite Zero promo Almanac ‘96 - w/ Peekaboo
Infinite Zero promo 6 - w/ Through Bein Cool & Jerkin’ Back ‘N’ Forth
Follow Our Trax/Vol. 5 - w/ Jerkin’ Back ‘N’ Forth
Here it is, the Music - (cdk 1) - Ryko sampler
Ryko Steal This Disk
Ryko Steal This Disk 3
Ryko Sept Songs 1990 - w/ Social Fools and Mongoloid from Hardcore DEVO Vol. 1
Potatoes Compilation - w/ Mark M.
Network 40 Tune Up #38 - w/ Def Dames cover of Whip It
Album Network Tune Up #52 Disc 2 - w/ Post Post Modern Man
Hitmakers Top 40 Sampler Vol. 39 - w/ Post Post Modern Man
The Raging 80’s - w/ Whip It - AUSTRALIA
Restless 97 Sampler - (RPRO 098) - w/ live Whip It
New Wave Hits/Just Can’t Get Enough Vol. 4 - w/ Freedom Of Choice
Alterno-Daze - w/ Whip It
Rock of The 80’s/Priority Records - w/ Whip It
18 Rock Classics Vol. 3 - w/ Whip It
18 New Wave Classics Vol. 1 - w/ Jocko Homo
18 Disco SuperHits - w/ Working in a Coalmine
1980/1984 Only Dance - w/ “Whip It
New Wave Riders - w/ Uncontrollable Urge - JAPAN
Celebration - w/ Whip It
80’s Party Music-Kahlua B-52 - w/ Whip It
Movie Hits of the 80’s  - w/ Working in a Coalmine
Signed, Sealed, deLIVID - (d46070) - Livid fest comp 2CD set - w/ Mongoloid - AUSTRALIA
Heavy Metal Soundtrack
SuperCop Soundtrack Sampler
SuperCop Soundtrack - promo stamp
Four Rooms Soundtrack
Tankgirl Soundtrack
Power Rangers Soundtrack Promo Sampler - (PRCD6255-2)
Power Rangers Soundtrack
New Age Soundtrack
Urgh! A Music War Soundtrack
9 1/2 Weeks Soundtrack
Tapeheads Soundtrack
Bottle Rocket Soundtrack
Chef Aid Southpark - (CK69377) - Blue Cover - w/ Huboon Stomp
Chef Aid Southpark - (CK69377) - Black Cover - w/ Huboon Stomp
Rugrats Movie Score - promo
Rugrats Movie Soundtrack - promo w/ Devo's Witch Doctor
Grass Movie Soundtrack - promo w/ Mark Mothersbaugh's Quit Playing Games With God (Grass Theme)
The World's Best Ever Beer Songs 3 - promo w/ Devo's Whip It - AUSTRALIA
When Pigs Fly - (XEMU-1010) - 2001 covers comp. featuring various bands & Devo's Ohio (a Neil Young cover).
Livid 2002- (DEW90032/0693832) Stars of the Livid Festival w/ a live '97 version of Whip It - AUSTRALIA
Ryko 20th Anniversary - (RCD 10651) -(#17441) Ltd. Edition comp. featuring Satisfaction by DEVO.
What Is Hip? Vol. 1 - (2-48745 #1) - Remix compilation featuring DEVO's Whip it by Philip Steir & Ramin Sakurai.
The Life Aquatic Soundtrack - (2061-62494-2) w/ Mark Mothersbaugh's scoring and DEVO's Gut Feeling.
Gift Wrapped: A Change In Season - (526385-2) - Xmas Comp feat. "Merry Something To You" 2010.
Yo Gabba Gabba! Vol. 3 - (FILT0043) Music Is Awesome Comp. 2011 - w/DEVO's Watch Us Work It.
Music For Little Hipsters - (OPCD-8774) - Starbucks Comp feat. "Beautiful World" - 2013