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These two DEVOtees, Michael Yurko and Jessica Lawrence, got engaged at the 1st Annual 5KDEVO Race. Congrats, spuds! (Scroll down for more info from Jessica)
Photos by Jessica Lawrence

Here's more info from Jessica on how this came to be:

-----"We have been together nearly 6 years. Michael is a huge Devo fan , so much so he went to New York Comic Con as a member of Devo. A few months back after looking through twitter he noticed the Devo race and immediately texted me about it. Now I've done races before, but this would be Michaels first race.

--- After having to convince me some to drive the 6 hours for a 5k, he signed us up. Little did I know that Michael had been planning for over a year to ask me to marry him and he knew this was the just the moment to do it.The day came and we were super excited for the race. We both knew at some point we would be split up during the race, so we picked a spot to meet when we were finished. Michael finished the race 8 minutes before me, so after I crossed the finish line I met him at the top of the hill. I told him let's grab a bottle of water. To which he said sure but just one thing, I have something to give you. He pulled out a ring box from a fanny pack he got specifically for this purpose, ( yes a fanny pack haha ) got down on one knee,and both of us became speechless. All I could do was cry and nod yes.

--- It was a picture prefect day. We are hoping to now get married in October of 2018. I couldn't have pictured my engagement any other way."