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Jim Pennington said, "This is my little sister Mary Beth Pennington in my bedroom in 1981 (she was 3 and I was 14). She is wearing my homemade DEVO helmet, and is singing along to Devo into a toy mic. The last photo is a crowd shot from the 11/16/09 Devo show at 9:30 Club in Washington DC. On the front row you will see me in the blue jacket and red shirt, and my sister next to me wearing the turquoise blouse. Twenty-eight years after the first photo was taken, she was finally able to see one of her earliest inspirations. A little Spud comes full circle. I've been a Devo fan since '78 and have purchased everything they have released throughout the years. The helmet being worn by my little sister in the '81 photo was something I made in early '80 using an old football helmet. I still own it and it resides in a place of honor on a shelf in my record room."

Submitted by Jim Pennington
Bastian, VA - 2009