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DEVO returned to Australia for the first time since 1997, and then visited Japan for the first time since 2003. An onslaught of printed press was generated to spread the word, and spuds rejoiced.

Since I was not able to attend the Australia/Japan shows myself, this report consists of photos & reports from fans who contributed. Thanks, Comrades!

Read the text in this large middle column first, then go to the first thumbnail image at the top left, and click through the pages for chronological journey through the photos.

-Michael Pilmer/for DEVO, Inc.

7.31.08: Melbourne, Australia - Festival Hall

Report by Ken Evans:

I arrived at Festival Hall in Melbourne to collect my guest pass, and I could hear DEVO soundchecking with "Going Under". Whilst waiting, I found some fellow DEVO-tees by the side entrance, and eventually DEVO emerged and posed for a few quick photos. At this stage, Jerry complained of being a bit ill, apparently with the flu. I then headed to a nearby pub, where I once again spotted the same fellow DEVO-tees, who were easy to pick from their assorted headwear and T-shirts. One guy named Derek was wearing Bob 1's plastic JFK pomp, which was acquired from the stage during the '82 tour.

At this show, security was extremely tight and everyone got frisked and had to surrender any cameras or camera phones to the cloak room, although I know several cameras were stategically smuggled in people's underwear! Finally, having collected my aftershow pass when the doors opened, I managed to get a second row spot in front of Bob 1 for the show.

The place was packed and the crowd filled with young and old enthusiastic fans. Someone got a little too excited and jumped the barricade during "Beautiful World" and left the premises in a headlock. I scored a Bob 1 guitar pick and caught a DEVO superball in my energy dome, after dozens of balls were thrown out by Booji Boy.

After the show I was taken backstage to meet the band, got my energy dome signed by all, and grabbed a running sheet off the wall. Jerry still appeared ill and was consequently concerned that he may have overdone it on the first show of the tour. Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of time to chat as the band was mostly occupied with members of the promoter's family getting their photos taken wearing *my* energy dome and getting things signed with *my* sharpie. I did however, get Mark to speak to my surprised wife Georgina on the cell phone, as she was at home in Brisbane, packing bags for her flight to Adelaide.

8.1.08: Sydney, Australia - Hordern Pavilion

Report by MrKamikazeOrMrDNA:

Sydney was simply SUPERB! My wife Bern and I flew down from BrisVegas. We got there just as the gates opened and headed straight for the Spudwazz. I got myself a tour T and Hoodie and an Energy Dome for Bern. Lucky we were there early as the Spudwazz sold out quickly.

It's been a 26 years, but as soon as that siren sounded I was transported back to '82. The stage-show may have been different but the noise and the energy was just as intense, if not more so. We were up front just to the right of Bob1 and totally enjoyed the spectacle. They were all in great form, even the drumming was spot on. We got 3 smiley face balls; caught 1 outright, left handed, and security gave Bern 2 after the show.

I'm pleased to report that after putting up with my Devo fetish for nearly 20 yrs Bern has been converted. She had a great night was totally into it, she now has a greater understanding of my obsession. But payback will be cruel - she has already made mention of Billy Joel touring. -- End

(As you can see from the photos below, many-a-spud attended the Sydney show in full DEVO gear, and one DEVOtee had an arm completely full of DEVO tattoos! Well done, Spuds.)

8.2.08: Byron Bay, Australia - S.I.G. Festival

I wasn't able to get any reports from fans regarding the Byron Bay show, but I do have a few images related to the show.

8.4.08: Adelaide, Australia - Thebarton Theatre

Report by Ken Evans:

When we arrived at the venue, we collected our aftershow passes and got front row in front of Bob 1. Bob 1 and Bob 2 appeared to recognize me from Melbourne, since we had a few grins and waves directed at us and Bob 2 threw us the top half of his yellow radiation suit. Georgina scored another Bob 1 guitar pick, probably because she was screaming the loudest and he was laughing at her arm motions during "Beautiful World". We both got to scream "We are DEVO" into Mark's microphone, which you can hear on a Youtube clip here. Georgina managed to get Mark in a bear hug as he leaned across the barricade. We got several superballs from Booji Boy and handed a few back to others behind us in the audience.

The band played a lot tighter than at hte show in Melbourne, and a friend at this show was even sending us text messages to say how much DEVO rocked during the gig. There was, as Jerry described, a "Spinal Tap" moment during the encore, when a video screen was lowered too late to show the DEVO corporate anthem footage, but that just made it all the more fun. The Adelaide show has been described as the best show in Australia by fans who went to all the Devo shows here.

After the venue was rapidly cleared of people without guest passes, we were told that DEVO would not be staying backstage, but would be heading straight to the Edinburgh Castle Hotel for drinks and that we were welcome to join them. We all piled into our rental car and made haste to the pub, arriving around midnight. DEVO appeared a few minutes later so we mingled with them, chatting quite a bit with Bob 1 especially. Jerry was sampling some of the local pinot noir and offered us some pizza, whilst explaining what was wrong with John McCain and why Barack Obama probably wouldn't become president. We also discussed Down syndrome "Mongoloid" is a politically incorrect name for this condition, as I have worked as a cytogeneticist for nearly 20 years, and part of the job is testing for Down syndrome; one chromosome too many.

We got a tour poster signed, Mark drew a nice picture of a religious type on it with the warning "Beware fundamentalists of all denominations". Bob 2 signed the remains of his radiation suit for us Mark gave us a couple of cards with his artwork on them.

Mark and Bob 1 left after 1am, as Mark wanted to get some sleep and Jerry left shortly after, giving us the remainder of his bottle of wine as a parting gift. We promptly drank it and left around 1.30am with Bob 2 still happily chatting to the support band Regurgitator.

(NOTE:Adelaide was another show chocked full of hardcore DEVOtees, and were able to meet with the band after the show, as shown in the photos below.)

8.6.08: Perth, Australia - The Metro

Comments by Gordon McCabe:

We went to see DEVO in Perth last month, and it was the Best Concert I've ever been to. I've seen the Red Hot Chlli's, ZZ Top and INXS, which were awesome concerts, but DEVO were so much more. My girlfriend and I were at the front, in front of Mark. Booji Boy came on at the end, then Regurgitator joined in with Booji Boy, singing "Beautiful World". It's great to be a Spud Boy. --END

8.9.08: Osaka, Japan - Summersonic Festival

The first of two Summersonic dates that DEVO would perform in Japan. See a report from the Osaka show at Summersonic.net.

8.10.08: Tokyo, Japan - Summersonic Festival

The 2nd Summersonic show for DEVO in Japan. See a short video on YouTube.

8.11.08: Tokyo, Japan - Shibuya AX


I have seen DEVO's concert two times: in '79 and '80 in Japan, and they were really great! I wasn't able to see Summer Sonic 2003, so I was really looking forward to today's DEVO concert.

There were many people there, and the weather and my feeling were so FINE! When the opening movie started, my heart was beating, and when I listened to the first song "That's Good", I was crying. Because my DEVO was here! I was very happy! Their choreographies were cute! I was singing along with them. During the encore, Booji Boy brought a cake to Bob 1! August 11th was Bob 1's birthday! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BOB 1!

Thank you very much, DEVO! I shall never forget tonight's show!
Many things have changed since 1979, and I changed a little, but our DEVO didn't change. They gave us a great present. I hope they come to Japan again. With love & respect from my heart! DEVO's devoted fan, Noriko Terao. --END

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