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Live in Devore, CA

Live - Hyundai Pavilion at Glen Helen - 9/18/04
for KROQ's Inland Invasion #4 Concert Festival

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KROQ's Inland Invasion featured many bands popular in the 80's,
as well as some newer, younger bands who give respect
to the 1980's era in their own way.

The event was held at the Hyundai Pavilion, which is in Devore, about 60 miles outside LA (a 2 or 3 hour drive, in most cases).
The scenery was fantastic - a large open area surrounded by mountains...with the sun shining & breeze blowing.

The day's events included performances by A Flock Of Seagulls, Missing Persons, Tears For Fears, X, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, DEVO, Billy Idol, and Siouxie (and some of her Banshees). Morrissey was to headline, but had to cancel
at the last minute due to a high fever.

The first band started at around 11:30 in the morning.. which didn't
seem very early to me, since I'd been at the venue since 8:30am for sound check. I made sure to see Missing Persons perform at around 12:30. Singer Dale gave a great performance, but the sound mix was the worst I've heard in a long time. After her set, she stood out in the scorching sun, in full leather outfit, for THREE HOURS signing autographs for and meeting her fans. She was so full of positive energy, and was fueled by a mixture of champagne & orange juice. I love Dale.

DEVO's set started at around 6pm. As the intro film played the last bits of it's compiled footage, the stage rotated around to a cheering crowd... ready for DEVO to emerge from their cocoon. As the first notes of That's Good began pulsating, Jerry leaps onstage, followed by the rest of the DEVO's.

The huge video screens above the stage were fun to watch...
as images of the action onstage & in the crowd were
flashing in multiples overhead.

Throughout the 45-50 minute show, DEVO proved that they
are still masters at the art of live performance. Their costuming, choreography, and energy made DEVO's set stand apart from other performances that day.

That's not to say other bands were not entertaining, of course. Although I wasn't able to see all the bands that day, I really enjoyed seeing Missing Persons and A Flock of Seagulls (who
both performed some older/rare b-sides), and Billy Idol did a
great job with his most famous guitarist, Steve Stevens.
They both looked fantastic in 2004.

I was watching most of the show from the VIP area balcony to the band's left. Rodney Bingenheimer, of Rodney On The ROQ fame, was standing next to me. I leaned over and asked if he could believe this was happening in the year 2004. He nodded & mentioned that he gave them their start in LA way back... when played their first 7" on the radio in the late 70's. It seemed like he was really enjoying their set, and it was great to see him there.

I left the next day to return home to NC... from where I would be flying to the Chicago DEVO shows the next day. See the full report from Chicago here.

Michael Pilmer • Devo-Obsesso.com