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DEVOtional 2003 - The Super Thing - 8/9/03
Lime Spider - Akron, Ohio

The 2003 annual wallow in the dirt of devolution was a hoot & a holler!
Gerald V. Casale was nice enough to visit between his jaunts to Japan and NYC,
and was in attendance nearly all day and night. Jerry treated everyone to a very entertaining Q&A session with fans, as well a few inspired performances with the
bands later that night (CD Truth, The Punk Group, and The Spudboys).
Good thing we had cameras.

This year's event saw many new faces, as well as veterans from DEVOtionals past.
Rare video & audio pumped through the club all day via a series of suspended
video monitors. Live footage ranging from a pro- shot of the recent show at the
Orange County Fair on July 22nd, to some of their earliest performances shot
in grainy B&W. Scarce interviews and TV appearances were also featured, and
tables of vintage items, bootlegs & fan made trinkets filled the venue.

2003 was a great year to win the Devolved Items drawing, too. Prizes included CD
compilations made by Toth Wilder, the new Not Necessarily Beautiful.. fan band
compilation CD, and other rare Devo CDs. Mark Mothersbaugh donated a few limited
edition art prints, some of which were designed especially for the DEVOtional, plus
a few Mutato promotional items. There were also several bits of Devo's yellow
suits up for grabs, donated by Devo from a their recent rehearsal at SIR Studios in LA.

DEVOtional 2003 - The Super Thing certainly lived up to its name!
Akron Beacon Journal DEVOtional article

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