Show Report - December 22, 2005

at Atomic Cowboy Gallery - St. Louis, MO


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I wasn't able to attend this reception, so my comrade Vince Osborn
was kind enough to attend & submit this full show report:

Mark Mothersbaugh's 2006 art tour came to and end at the Atomic Cowboy in St. Louis, MO - a funky bar/restaurant/art gallery located on the fringes of the city's sprawling Forest Park. And what better way to end a fantastic year of Mark's art shows than by having Mark himself at the opening reception!

It was all very short notice, but according to Chip Schloss - who co-owns the venue, along with friends James Kellogg and Peter Venenzia - Mark's sister-in-law had been to the place and spoke very highly of it, and seeing as Mark would be spending the holiday season with some of his relatives in St. Louis, he thought it would be great to attend - to say nothing of the hoards of fans who attended the opening reception! By the time he reception began at 6:00 pm, the venue was packed.

When Mark arrived at around 7pm or so, he was besieged by attendees eager to meet and chat with him. As always, Mark was extremely courteous and took a real interest in everyone he spoke to, including Bill Streeter, who runs an online video podcast known as 'Lo-Fi St. Louis' ( Mark sat down with Bill and answered questions about Devo's early years, including the impact that their first film, 'The Truth About De-Evolution', had on a plethora of subsequent artists, including Kraftwerk.

Later in the evening, Mark asked me to take some photos of him with his beautiful daughter, Margaret, which I thought was very sweet.

Well, I must say that I had a fantastic time at the Atomic Cowboy. Mark rarely has the time to make personal appearances at opening receptions of his art tours, so this was a real treat for everyone involved. The next time we're in St. Louis, we'll all know exactly where to go for a great reception. Thanks to Chip, James, and Peter for having us - we hope to see you again very soon!

-Vince Osborn
Thanks to Vince Osborn for the report above, and all the photos.

-Michael Pilmer

Art Project Coordinator
The Visual Art Of Mark Mothersbaugh Gallery Tour 2005