Show Report - July 8, 2005

at Flight 19 Gallery - Tampa, FL


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This was the inaugural show for Flight 19 gallery, the brand new art space which inhabits the former baggage claim area of the old downtown train station in Tampa, FL. The space is operated by Experimental Skeleton, a local art collective who have been active in Tampa for years. The new space consists of one huge room, with bricks from floor to ceiling, and one smaller room connected to the larger one.

Even though Tampa was experiencing the outer bands of Hurricane Dennis on the night of July 8th, the gallery was still packed with curious visitors throughout the 5 hour reception. It was great to see such a turn out in the face of potential natural disasters.

Thanks to everyone for coming out, and to those I got to meet personally. Hope to see you at another show in the Florida area sometime soon. Special thanks to my longtime friend, David McVean, for making the trek from St. Petersburg to see the show. (I hadn't seen David in 18 years!)

The show will be up until July 31st, so check it out if you are in the Tampa area.

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I'm looking forward to hearing about future interesting events at Experimental Skeleton's Flight 19 art & performance space.

-Michael Pilmer

Art Project Coordinator
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