Show Report - October 8th, 2010
Postcard Diaries

at InsideOut Gallery - Traverse City, MI

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InsideOut Gallery has been keeping underground & outsider art alive in Northern Michigan for half a decade already...a much longer life span than most small galleries these days. The space is huge and includes a back room complete with full performance stage for live bands, etc. Mike Curths and Jenn Price are in charge of things at InsideOut, and love bringing left-of-the-dial art to a fairly conservative town like Traverse City.

This particular show featured 2 mediums using Mark Mothersbaugh's Postcard Diaries images: Framed prints and his very own custom art rugs.

Mark Mothersbaugh was not able to attend in person, but was able to give us a 50 minute video chat from his home in Hollywood, CA, which everyone really enjoyed. Thanks to video skills of Robert Tomlinson, a friend of InsideOut Gallery, we are able to provide links to highlights from the chat with Mark Mothersbaugh:

Segment 1: Where's Booji Boy?
Segment 2: Colored Hair = Good Student
Segment 3: Absolutely Not!
Segment 4: Like Talking to God
Segment 5: Rug Stains & Postcard Diaries

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We are planning to return to InsideOut Gallery next year with a new batch of Mothersbaugh artwork, and I hope to see you fine folks there again!

-Michael Pilmer

Art Project Coordinator
The Visual Art Of Mark Mothersbaugh Gallery Tour 2010