Show Report - December 3, 2005

at Ox-Op Gallery - Minneapolis, MN


Liam Royster, standing on the front lines of the next generation of DEVO fans, wore his Energy Dome and custom-made DEVO tee to the OX-OP reception.

He and his family traveled to Denver, CO from MN this year to see DEVO perform live.

"He doesn't even know what the Rugrats are, " said his Dad, "He's all about DEVO!"

Seen here with A: We're All Devo".

Here Liam singing Ton o' Love, Gates of Steel, and here him mimicking Jerry's final word in Mongoloid.

Duty now, Liam!!

Here's a photo of me with Liam and his family, Betsy & Sean .

Photo by M.Pilmer - Please don't use without permission.