Show Report - August 5, 2006
Dos Mutatos: 2-Man Show w/ KRK Ryden

at RVCA - Costa Mesa, CA


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RVCA isn't just a great clothing company (my favorite, in fact)'s a company that has been actively supporting the more interesting side of the art world for years via it's Artist Network Program, ANP Quarterly magazine, and a slew of fantastic art shows/parties. It's a company that values a positive/creative lifestyle over profits and works hard to lend a hand to emerging artists.

Mark Mothersbaugh started a relationship with RVCA a few years ago when he designed limited edition garments for the ANP program. I met Pat Tenore during that time, and we have been discussing a Mothersbaugh show at RVCA for at least a couple years. KRK Ryden joined forces with RVCA last year, and created a couple ANP garment designs, too. We then realized that a Mark Mothersbaugh / KRK Ryden 2-man show was imminent for RVCA.

Here's how the Dos Mutatos show was described in RVCA's press release:

After twenty years of experimentation in an underground Research and Development lab, the two-man (or mutants, as they would prefer) team of Mark Mothersbaugh and KRK Ryden are ready to unleash a body of work not yet seen by human eyes  until now. On August 5, 2006 the RVCA gallery unveils Dos Mutatos: The art of Mark Mothersbaugh and KRK Ryden.

In 1983, Californian underground artist KRK Ryden met artist/musician Mark Mothersbaugh of the infamous punk/art rock band DEVO and created THE BRAINWASHER . This art publication dedicated to the obscure and beautifully grotesque subversive fine art, has long been out of print but recently emerged online in 2004. A friendship was struck and now, after 23 years and much water under the troll-bridge, Dos Mutatos is born.

Dos Mutatos reveals the mutual influences of Mothersbaugh and Ryden upon one another. Their aesthetic coincides to generate a union evident to casual observers with an overall aesthetic derived from a love for comic book art; where the manipulation of an ink-filled brush prevails. Thematically, the juxtaposition of bizarre caricatures and surreal objects abound. They both share a certain contempt for the mainstream art world, drawing the spectator into a unique universe of their own design. A creative force to be reckoned with  Mark Mothersbaugh and KRK Ryden: DOS MUTATOS!

Mothersbaugh chose to show his Postcard Diary prints, which worked quite well in unison with KRK's colorful paintings & prints. A few brand new Mothersbaugh works were debuted at this show, and KRK created a handful of spanking-new paintings, as well as featuring works from his previous shows. One half of the gallery displayed Mothersbaugh's prints, and the other half was filled with KRK's works.

This was a BIG party...featuring live performances by DEVA (NYC's female-fronted DEVO tribute band), and KRK Ryden as "Ken The Magic Corner God" (who performed with his Theramin and Korg Synths). Colored lighting
and huge projections on the wall outside RVCA created a beautiful party atmosphere, and their in-house skate ramp kept folks entertained all night.

Boost Mobile
, Effen Vodka, and Red Bull Energy Drinks all sponsored the show, and made sure everyone got their fill of free refreshments. To top it off, Archie's Ice Cream sent a truck to RVCA to provide free frozen treats to attendees all night. Thanks to all those companies who made the opening reception that much more enjoyable.

Press folks from both print & broadcast media showed up to document the event: Juxtapoz Magazine, People Magazine, The New York Times, Fuel TV, and Paper Magazine.

Some notable faces in the crowd:
Mark Mothersbaugh and his wife, Anita. KRK Ryden with his family (including brothers Mark Ryden & Steve Ryden), Weird Al Yankovic, Long Gone John, Jenny Lens, Gilbert Hernandez (of Love & Rockets fame) and his co-hort Carol Kovinick (of The Naked Cosmos), Vahe of NU-TRA, and Gordon Keller Jr. (uber DEVO fan).

RVCA printed a limited edition Dos Mutatos T-shirt for the event, featuring artwork by both Mark Mothersbaugh & KRK Ryden. This shirt was only available at the event, but I may have a few left over, so contact me if you are interested in purchasing one..

Thanks to everyone who attended the reception, everyone who donated photos for this report, and especially to Liz Rice, Pat Tenore, and the whole RVCA crew for making this fantastic event possible. Your hard work and dedication to make this show happen is much appreciated.
Let's do it again sometime!

-Michael Pilmer
Art Project Coordinator
The Visual Art Of Mark Mothersbaugh Gallery Tour 2006