Show Report - May 24th, 2008


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SR2 Gallery is located in the front lobby of Sacred Rose Tattoo in Berkeley, CA. Sacred Rose is owned by Karen Roze, and run by a group of mostly female tattoo artists. Karen originally began her shop in San Francisco in 1998, but has since outgrown the original SF storefront, and relocated to downtown Berkeley. SR2 Gallery is a 600 square foot art space which features local and international visual artists on a regular rotating basis.

Doe Restrepo, the manager at Sacred Rose and a professional photographer, was instrumental in booking the Mothersbaugh show, and worked ultra hard with her comrades to put together a very successful and entertaining night. Thanks, Doe!

20 of Mothersbaugh's framed Postcard Diaries prints were featured at Sacred Rose, including a couple new images which made their public debut at this particular exhibit.

Mark Mothersbaugh was not able to attend in person, but the crew at Sacred Rose were able to host a fantastic live video chat with him via wide screen TV. The entire crowd at the gallery was able to see & hear Mark, and interacted with him for 30 minutes. Mark's youngest daughter, Margaret, made an appearance and said hello to the crowd (which everyone loved, of course).

Doe and Rev. Vanessa set up a great afterparty at a warehouse space in Oakland featuring live performances by Sweet Nothings,
I Yearn For Maiden (Iron Maiden cover band!), and one of my favorite bands, ATOMS from San Diego.

Respect to Giotto Harrison at Sacred Rose for his technical prowess in setting up the chat, and for using his screenprinting skills to create a wonderful limited edition poster for the show.
(See the poster here.)

Thanks to Karen, Doe, Vanessa, Giotto, Amanda, She-vo, Marc, Emerald, and everyone at Sacred Rose who made this show so enjoyable, and for all my friends who looked out for me during my visit.

We will see you all next year for the Mark Mothersbaugh Beautiful Mutants show at Sacred Rose!

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-Michael Pilmer

Art Project Coordinator
The Visual Art Of Mark Mothersbaugh Gallery Tour 2008