Show Report - November 4, 2005

at Screen Arts Gallery - St. Augustine, FL


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Screen Arts Gallery is located in the downtown area of St. Augustine, Florida, and is a print/design shop by trade. Rob DePiazza, founder & owner, added a beautiful gallery space to the front of the shop, and has been hosting art shows there for years. Opening reception night was also his 46th birthday party, which he later said ranked as one of the best, since he had the honor of hosting Mark's show and throw a tax-deductible party to boot.

Since Screen Arts had such a history in printing, we decided to show a couple of Mark Mothersbaugh's postcard Serigraph prints (screen printed circa 1980's/90's), which haven't been shown at his solo shows for years.

When I arrived at the gallery to help hang the art, I could immediately tell that Rob and his crew were professional & well-organized. Everything was perfect; from the show promotion, to the gallery's decor & upkeep, to the fantastic price/title tags. Mucho props also go to Maria Salve, graphic designer at Screen Arts, who is responsible for the flyers, posters, price tags, signage, etc.

For every show, Rob uses a detailed check list of pre-show duties, which made me especially happy.

To top it off, Rob presented me with my very own, personalized, embroidered Screen Arts shirt just before we started hanging the artwork. How cool is that?!

I definitely had a feeling that this show would be a great one.

Some things that come to mind when I recall the opening reception at Screen Arts on Nov. 4th:

pretty windows, marshmallow sno-balls, Rap Snacks, sugar buzz, the ass jiggling machine, a 7-person Conference Bike imported from Amsterdam, and pigs feet.

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Thanks to everyone for coming out, and especially to Krystin Walters for helping me out so much with transportation & merch sales. All Hail Klocko Peacocko!

I hope to see everyone at Screen Arts again soon.

-Michael Pilmer

Art Project Coordinator
The Visual Art Of Mark Mothersbaugh Gallery Tour 2005

Special thanks to Perry Knotts for letting me use a few of his photos for this report.