Show Report - Oct. 19-20-21, 2007

at Sonic City - Kortrijk, BELGIUM


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SONIC CITY was a weekend-long music festival in beautiful Kortrijk, Belgium.

DE KREUN is a fantastic music venue/bar which hosted most of the bands who performed over the weekend, and is located directly across the street from John Galt Gallery.

21 of Mark Mothersbaugh's Beautiful Mutants prints were exhibited at John Galt Art Gallery, and were seen by many SONIC CITY Festival patrons during intermissions from the live music at De Kreun.

There were two live performances inside the John Galt Gallery during the Beautiful Mutants reception: The first was SONIC CITY's curator, Tim Vanhamel (of dEUS, Eagles Of Death Metal, and Millionaire). Tim dished out 20 minute set of some fantastic electronic noise and spastic ballet. The 2nd performance was by Daniel Higgs (formerly of Lungfish), who can play the hell out of a mouth harp and a banjo! Everyone seemed to enjoy both performances quite a bit, even though they were completely different from each other.

Mark Mothersbaugh was unable to attend due to a combination of acquiring a case of bronchitis, and a couple new movie scoring projects which demanded his time.

Special thanks to: Xavier Benoit for helping me book this show, Tim from Millionaire for his help in gettting Mark's work in the art exhibit, Tom, Bart,
Stijn, & Stevie and the entire DE KREUN crew for their hospitality, and Fred Sijsmans at John Galt Gallery.

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We have plans to exhibit Mark's Postcard Diaries prints at 4AD in Belgium in early 2008, so check for the latest info in the next few weeks.

-Michael Pilmer

Art Project Coordinator
The Visual Art Of Mark Mothersbaugh
Gallery Tour 2007