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The info in these reports was submitted by fans who attended the September '07 DEVO shows, since I was not able to be there myself.

Thanks to everyone who donated their photos & eyewitness reports!

-Michael Pilmer
Webmaster & Archivist for Devo, Inc.

SEPT. 15 - Newport Beach, CA - Taste Of Newport Festival
The 2007 Taste of Newport Festival was a historical moment for DEVO - the first time they've performed with drummer Neil Taylor, who is typically Josh Freese's drum tech at DEVO shows.

Josh couldn't make the show because of prior commitments, but Neil has ample experience with performing DEVO songs, and really did a great job filling in for Mr. Freese.

If anyone has photos of Neil drumming at this show, please send them to me.
I'd like to add it to this report.

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SEPT. 21 - Puyallup, WA - Puyallup Fair
"DEVO at the Puyallup Fair? For real? You must be kidding me".

That was how some folks reacted to hearing that DEVO would infiltrate The Puyallup Fair on Oct. 21st.

A quote taken from a pre-show article in the Seattle Weekly, which mentions Mothersbaugh's work on Wes Anderson films, sums it up nicely:

"Maybe one-tenth of 1% of people find Anderson's and Mothersbaugh's respective (and similar) aesthetics to be wickedly, satirically brilliant. The other 99.9% don't have a fucking clue. That majority should be out in force at the fair. This should be fun to watch."

Report from Marc Friedman:

DEVO headlined the Friday, September 21st concert during the sixteen-day Puyallup Fair outside of Seattle/ Tacoma, WA.

The stage was huge, and made for an impressive visual as band members were correspondingly spaced apart during the performance. DEVO put on their usual highly-energetic show, with Bob 1 jumping up onto his stage monitor, Jerry dropping to his knees, Josh Freese's phenomenal drumming, and Bob 2 running in circles and jumping into the air during Uncontrollable Urge. Other than Jerry's bass cutting out at one point, the show went off without a hitch.

Many people in the audience were wearing Energy Domes and DEVO t-shirts from past concerts.