Mark's love of art started early in his childhood, just after it was discovered that he was extremely nearsighted and legally blind.
His first correctional glasses offered Mark a new view of the world, inspiring his obsession with imagery and illustrations. His first works, which he began creating in the late 1960's and into
the 70's, consisted of many different mediums, including rubber stamp designs, ink illustrations, screen printing, decals, and
mail art. He participated in local showings, and received
recognition for his work in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

During his downtime on worldwide tours with DEVO, he began creating postcard art to send to his friends, which he has been creating every day since then - for 30+ years - A very obsessive habit. These cards originally served as his personal diaries, and were never intended for public viewing. That all changed when Mark decided to share his postcard works in his critically acclaimed worldwide solo shows during the 80's & 90's, and with his
worldwide HOMEFRONT INVASION! gallery tour in 2003.

Now Mark will embark on his BEAUTIFUL MUTANTS tour in
2004, which will showcase his photographic symmetrical
creations and 'corrected' imagery. See you there...