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Capobianco Gallery is owned & operated by Lori Haigh,
an artist & musician herself, who I met last year during the
Homefront Invasion! tour. The space has only been in operation
for little over a year, but has already made it's mark on the
North Beach area. Stay tuned for a show by Phyllis Diller
later in 2004. No kidding.

Mark was actually able to play hookie from movie-scoring
in Los Angeles long enough to visit Capobianco Gallery on
opening night, much to the delight of everyone who attended.
Mark's wife, Anita, was also able to attend.

The elbow-to-elbow crowd included beautiful mutants like
Winston Smith (Collage genius behind the classic Dead
Kennedy's LP art), KRK Ryden (Devolved artist brother of
Mark Ryden), Vale of
RE/Search, John Brumit
(SF performance & installation artist), Mongolounge
(SF Devo tribute band w/ horns!), and a gaggle
of hardcore devotees eager to see Mark's mutants

This was the first show that Mark was able to use a few Spud
stickers he designed for last year's tour. The idea was to alter
his own art with these 6" color vinyl stickers, just like he and
Gerald Casale did with other folks' artwork and photos
during their time spent at Kent State. Mark wasted no time in
customizing 2 framed pieces on display at Capobianco..

Thanks to Lori, Asha, and Chris of Capobianco Gallery, and to
all who came out to see the Beautiful Mutants opening reception.

I'll leave you with this image of one of my longtime
San Francisco pals, Perry, walking like a crab.
A beautiful mutant in his own way.

Michael Pilmer
Tour Manager/Webmaster
Beautiful Mutants Gallery Tour