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Creative Electric Studios was originally home to Creative Electric,
a company specializing in electrical wiring for older homes.
Dave Samela purchased the building and set up shop as a visual/audio art studio. He decided to keep the Creative Electric
sign outside and adopted the name, and has been hosting
events in the Minneapolis area for two years.

The opening reception took place on Friday, December 10th,
and was attended by a great mix from 7pm until midnight.
This was the final show of Mark's 2004 Beautiful Mutants tour.
(more dates in the US and Europe to be announced for 2005)

I was glad to see Chuck Statler in attendance, video pioneer extraordinaire whose early endevours include DEVO's first films.
Jon Nelson, who is responsible for Minneapolis' long-running audio-collage radio show Some Assembly Required, was also at the reception. All hail the purveyors of visuals and noise.

Mark was unable to attend, unfortunately. He was in NYC for some scoring work and the Manhattan premeire of Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic. Mark scored the film and provided us with 5 CDs of audio sketches and final mixes from the project to play at the opening receptions on the 2nd half of the 2004 tour.

See the letter Mark sent to Creative Electric Studios after the show.

Michael Pilmer
Tour Manager/Webmaster
Beautiful Mutants Gallery Tour