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Escapist Bookstore, run by Julianne Sherrod and Elana Koff, has
been host to a number of interesting events since it's inception 2
years ago. Escapist hosts readings, film fests, and live shows,
along with visual art shows. Elana and Julianne supply the Austin
area with the finest in alternative and independent press books,
vintage and handmade clothes, and the original work of Austin designers. They are also a small art gallery/book lounge offering
pieces by local & international artists throughout the year.

SXSW, the huge music/film fest that descends on Austin every year
in March, was just beginning as the Beautiful Mutants reception opened. The fact that Austin was host to thousands of bands &
events the same evening didn't seem to effect the opening reception
at all, as a steady stream of patrons visited Escapist's reception throughout the night.

Both young & old curious spuds were attendance, including some note-worthy folks like Timothy "Speed" Levitch, Ron Mann (director who worked w/ Mark M. on the movie Grass), Jim Jarmusch (Dead Man, Stranger than Paradise, Down By Law), MC Tiana Hux,
and Kasey Kasem (of Denver, Colorado's Warlock Pinchers).

If you happened to purchase art at this show, please consider
sending a photo of your adopted mutant to us for display on this site.

Mucho thanks to Elana and Julianne for making this possible,
to BobShermanArt.com for photo submissions,
and to all the folks who made time for the reception.
Hope to see you in Austin again very soon...

Michael Pilmer
Tour Manager/Webmaster
Beautiful Mutants Gallery Tour