It’s about distributing very personal images on a large scale. It’s about getting affordable artwork into the hands and homes of first-time art buyers, students, and those who can’t plop down thousands for interesting décor.

“I went into this with the intention of making art, not money," Mark said. "This is lowbrow art at lowball prices. Fortunately, I have steady income at my day job, and it enables me to fuel side projects like this tour. My art is a fun obsession for me that I’d like to share with as many interested spuds as possible.

Why title the tour HOMEFRONT INVASION!?

"It's like we're invading people's homes with my artwork. I'm interested in distributing my personal diaries to other people's personal spaces. It seems like a nice exchange to make, and to make it on such a large scale is even better."

The postcard diaries have been in the works for the better part of 30 years now, and Mark has kept nearly all the original postcard-sized works neatly filed in spiral-bound folders at his home in West Hollywood. It is an astonishingly obsessive collection of private thoughts via Mark’s unusual imagery.

The HOMEFRONT INVASION! Tour features high-resolution digital prints of Mark's works. Each original postcard diary sketch is scanned and altered especially for the tour, with the addition of text, effects, photos, etc. Each customized image is then printed on quality watercolor paper in a very limited edition (usually editions of 3-12…each embossed and signed). Mark keeps one of each printed edition for his own archives, which further limits distribution of each postcard diary print. These original limited edition archival prints feature single postcard designs, as well as grid-style comps of multiple card images.

”Usually, the only way someone can get an original sketch is if I give it to them myself. I’ve sent a few in the mail, and handed others out to friends and family. I’ve probably got around 25,000 of them filed away now….and I keep making more every day. The original prints are my way of sharing these images.”