Bfly Atelier is an art gallery/photography studio in Vancouver's historic Gastown, which has been host to an eclectic array of art exhibits, screenings, lectures, and performances. Sadly, Mark's Homefront Invasion! show is their farewell exhibit, as the owners are moving to their new home in Mexico....but Bfly has definitely made it's mark in Vancouver, and will be missed by many.

The space itself was huge, lending it's vast wallspace to many of Mark's postcard prints, and included a full bar. Folks began streaming in just before 7pm, and the last visitors eventually cleared out about 11:30pm. As with most of the openings I've been to on this tour, I met a wide variety of interesting folks, some of whom you'll see in the photos to the right.

Thrwarted again by his Los Angeles duties, Mark was unable to attend, but did participate in an hour-long interview with Nardwuar, the human serviette, on a local Vancouver radio station the day before the opening. Good spazzy energy from that Nardwuar! May he live forever.

Nicole, Alexandra, & Carlos - owners & operators of Bfly gallery, to whom I am very grateful for being such wonderful hosts while I was in Vancouver. Hope to see you all again very, very soon. Have fun in Mexico, Carlos & Nicole!

- Michael
Project Coordinator & Web master
Homefront Invasion! Gallery Tour

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