Show Report - July 2003 - Oklahoma City, OK
Chindogu Gallery

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We originally had another gallery scheduled to host Mark's art show in Oklahoma, but all contact with the owner mysteriously ceased a couple months before the show. Luckily, Dustin at Chindogu Gallery in Oklahoma City stepped in to host the show at the last minute.

Chindogu Gallery is located inside Size Records, and was newly opened before the Mark Mothersbaugh show. Getting the word out about the last minute change was a challenge, but all reports say that the opening reception on July 19th was a huge success.

Unfortunately, photos of the actual reception are unavailable, but you can see photos of the displayed works by clicking the thumbnail images to the right (thanks for the pics, Dustin!)

If anyone who attended the Chindogu Gallery opening reception has photos of the event, please contact me.

- Michael
Project Coordinator & Web master
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