Show Report - May 2003 - NYC
Fuse Gallery

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FUSE Gallery/Lit Lounge is owned & operated by 5 overly creative individuals: Michael McGrane, Rich Rethorn, Erik Foss, Max Brennan, and David Schwartz. All *very* nice folks, I might add, and each of them produce intense artwork that is well worth exploring.

FUSE is inside a fantastic space with 2 floors featuring multiple bars, DJ booths, a classy gallery in the back (viewable from the bar through glass doors), and plenty of restrooms. The walls are completely black, which looked fantastic with Mark's work. On top of all that, the tables, bar, and dj booths are all constructed of reassembled church pews!

The opening reception was held on Saturday, May 10th in the East Village of NYC. Unfortunately, Mark was unable to attend the opening due to scheduling conflicts, but the opening reception was still a huge success.

By 8pm on opening night, FUSE was already packed with a diverse crowd. Chuck Statler, Devo's old pal and director of their early films, just happened to be in town on business and stopped in to chat. Jay Kastor, of the Psychedelic Solution gallery where Mark exhibited during the late 80's, also stopped by to show his support. Rucci and Amber, of The Beaker Gallery in Tampa, were visiting NYC and found time to check out the exhibit. Steve Badamo, long-time Devo fan from Long Island, showed up with his brand new energy dome tattoo (see picture to right). Dedicated, indeed!

I will always find time for FUSE/Lit when in NYC. They're fighting the good fight, so please do what you can to support their continued success as a great space.

- Michael
Project Coordinator & Web master
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