Show Report - December 2003 - Denver, CO
Th'ink Tank Gallery

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Th'ink Tank is both a well-known tattoo studio and a beautiful gallery space in Denver, CO. Past shows include those by SHAG, The Pizz, Derek Hess, and more.

Jeff Kopp, who owns the studio/gallery, is a well-respected tattoist himself, and employs other talented artists such as Scottie DeVille (Blue Dragon and Emporium of Design), William Thidemann (Bolder Ink), Fish (Tribal Rites Tattoo and White Tiger)and Patrick Shackley (Trinity Tattoo).

The gallery space is amazing - long bricked walls, hardwood floors, and a huge street front window. Perfect for large crowds, and easy post-party clean up thanks to the hardwood floors. Love me some Th'ink Tank.

Wes Anderson had Mark firmly tethered with his movie-scoring leash, so the artist was unable to attend. However, many people showed up, including a very wise 8-year old boy who proclaimed Devo as his favorite band.

"Some mornings, I'll wake up to hear him cranking Devo in his bedroom!," said his father.

Duty Now For The Future, Dad!

Local celeb Magic Cyclops hosted an after party at the local Hi-Dive club, and rocked the crowd with his fabulous set of pulsating 80's lip-synching dance warfare.

This was the last show on the 2003 tour, and I can say that each show has introduced Mark's art, and me, to many interesting folks with whom I hope to stay in contact.

Onward to 2004's BEAUTIFUL MUTANTS gallery tour!

- Michael
Project Coordinator & Web master
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