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Photo: Samantha Poole

OK, this year i attended my first DEVOtional!

I really wasn't sure what to expect. I wasn't even sure what the venue was going to be like, or even what happened at a DEVOtional. I'd seen footage for most of them through the years that Michael Pilmer would post on DEVO's web sites, and I was always impressed by the bands. I have to say, DEVO cover bands are, for the most part, pretty darn good. Through the years there have been dozens of interpretations of DEVO songs that blew me away. This weekend was no exception, and I heard a dozen up-graded DEVO tunes that all did DEVO one better.

The people were all great! Very likeable and genuinely interested in what we had to say back in the day. I liked the venue, which was funky and well-worn. What a great place to hear DEVO music come alive again! I'm sure all the band members, past and present, must have gotten a kick out of attending over the years.

I have always known Pilmer to be a hard worker. When we first started collaborating, it was on my art shows, for which we purposely sought out start-up & grass roots art galleries. I think we did 125 gallery shows in an eight year period.

Anyhow, I heard a lot of personal stories from the attendees, and it meant a lot to me to meet people who had flown in from other continents just to be here.

I stayed both days, and saw almost everything, including a handful of cousins who showed up for the event.

I plan on being there next year, Bob Dobbs willing, and hope to see you all again.

Devotedly yours,

Mark Mothersbaugh / DEVO