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Photo: Jeff Winner

You always remember the first time of anything you do. My first DEVOtional was more than memorable. Seeing so many devoted fans, hearing great musicians devoted to interpreting their songs and meeting new people that I hope become life long friends.

DEVO changed the way all of my musician friends thought about pop music so they deserve the adulation! Jerry Casale and Mark Mothersbaugh were enlightening to hear speak. The more time time I get to spend with Jerry the more I appreciate his brilliance as a musician, composer, director and speaker/story teller . It was an honor to have him ask me to accompany him and a real joy to be on stage with him. I thank Jeff Winner for connecting Jerry and I musically.

DEVOtional will be on my radar from now on... and yes, Cleveland and the people there, and the people who traveled to be there, do “rock“! They even knew of my band, too!

Steve Bartek / Oingo Boingo