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Photo: Roxxi Dott

Going in blind to DEVOtional 2022 - I rode in on a verbal warning only. Michael Pilmer (A.K.A Granny) strongly positioned a “NO SLEEP” weekend….so get prepared.

Working in the music business for decades, I thought this would be a cakewalk. But this experience is NOTHING like the rest.

I arrived in North Carolina on Monday 9/12/22 and the adventure began.

Granny and I prepped, packed, partied and organized our asses off until our departure at 4:30 am Thursday 9/15. Cleveland here we come!!!

9.5 hours later we arrived at The Marriott Hotel to find out it was time to check into Motel 6 (66) across the street????? WTF???? What the fuck you talking about???

Granny said “Time to prep for the Pre-Party!” Grandpa said “What fkn Pre Party?” All I wanted to do was rest…

Let’s go back and re-visit Granny’s verbal warning… “NO SLEEP WEEKEND!”

The only way I agreed to this madness was seeing the Jet Jacuzzi in the room and me INSIDE lounging and relaxing... was not to be the case…

The Party Begins!

I have to say, Spuds and Devotees are a different cool!

I dove straight into connecting with this new breed of unique minds and unlimited individual creativity- All empowered by DEVO!

The passion of this Power Movement is un-explanatory.. therefore in summation - my photographs will visually interpret the rest of this blog I call - controlled chaos!!

Pilmer, Nick, Tim…Thank you for my Membership!

Roxxi Dott (aka Grampa!)