Show Report - November 2003 - Atlanta, GA
Eyedrum Gallery

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Established in 1998, Eyedrum is a non-profit organization developing an interdisciplinary approach to the arts by incorporating a wide range of contemporary art, music and new media. Centrally located downtown, this unique gallery continues to intrigue the community, remaining critics' choice for the best venue for emerging artists in town.

The huge space was perfect for the display of 30+ Mothersbaugh prints, and included a wine/beer bar, sound system, and ample room to mingle.

Mark was again thwarted from attending by last minute scoring duties on a new Wes Anderson film, unfortunately.

However, the steady stream of attendees were delighted with the rare/unreleased Mothersbaugh/Devo music which played throughout the night, which had some folks happily twitching & dancing while they pondered Mark's works.

I was impressed with how many different age groups were represented at the reception, and with how many interesting creative types I met that night. (see photos for details).

Thanks to the Eyedrum crew for making it all happen (Travis, Andy, Woody, Richard, Ann-Laura, Hormuz, Susan), and to everyone who visited over the course of the show.

Be sure to check out the great show review in the
March/April 2004 issue of Art Papers.

- Michael
Project Coordinator & Web master
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